Pallet Pavilion Market


Sunday’s market at the Pallet Pavilion was bathed in sunshine. And wind for that matter. An emergency relocation of the Muzroom table was required as the gusts picked up and so did some pieces of jewellery!

Muzroom_pallet_pavillion_market  Muzroom_pallet_pavillion_market2

Grace Graffiti looked awesome too!

Pallet_pavillion_grace_graffiti3 Pallet_pavillion_grace_graffiti2


Incredible Glass Wave

I thought this image was a painting and I thought it was beautiful. Then I realised that its a glass sculpture and its even more incredible.

Maestrale (layered, cut, green glass) by Mario Ceroli.


Bottling Autumn’s Harvest {{Free Printable Labels}}


What I love about Autumn is harvest time. You put in so much effort to grow your produce and then it all comes at once and no human can or should eat that many chillis. So you’ve got to preserve it. And do you want your jars and bottles looking average? After all that work – hell no! If you want them to look this good, simply download the files, print, cut, write and glue. Jar labels download

chillies hotstuff

im_pickled jam-it booze